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Measuring length and height, you need to use the unit and for such work feet and centimeters are used most. You can measure height and length with the tap and for measuring the length of the short or small thing, you can use a ruler. These are very important units and both students or professionals need to know all things about the feet and cm. Many people do not know the detail of the feet, cm, and other related measuring units. However, from this article, the readers can easily know all about feet and cm. We also should the conversion from feet to cm. In my another article, I explained the detail of cm to feet. Now it’s time to dive deep to know about feet and cm.
The important thing is a conversion from feet to cm for students and professionals. But before knowing the conversion, we will know detail about feet and cm. The foot is a unit for the measuring only length and height and foot is the plural form of feet. The Feet or foot has become popular since 1959. The feet or foots have symbol “ft”. You can use the ft instead of foot/feet. In 1959, the unit has become popular from US century. 12 inches = 1 foot and 24 inches = 2 feet. Now this unit is used in china, India, Bangladesh, Greek and followed Roman, Greek, Chinese, French, and English system. You can use any method of feet. You can use tap for measuring height or length as feet or foot.
The word “cm” is a short form of Centimeter and the word Centimeter is US spelling like meter. The British spelling is Centimetre and metre. 1 meter is equal to 100 centimeters. Cm is also a popular unit for measuring and it is highly used in different professions. 1 cm is wideness of any adult finger’ nail. In 1968, it was suggested to use for measuring length and height. In March of 1791, it was confirmed to use for measuring height and length. Now it is popular in many places for measuring unit. You will get cm in many places. CM has used for the checking the dimension of any device. If you want to know the thickness of any device, then you have use unit cm or mm what you like and what you think best.
Mainly professional need to know units of the unit like feet and cm. But only students learn for the exam. If the students give attention for learning the conversion from feet to cm and read for learning, then it will be easier for them and they can apply in future. However, we need to know the conversion from feet to cm as if all of the people can convert any number form feet to cm. 1 foot is 30.48 cm and 2 feet is 60.96 cm. Now I am sure you can convert any number of feet to cm. Suppose, you need to convert 60 feet to cm and you need to multiple 30.48 with 60 feet or 1828.8 cm. This is the formula for the students and you need to use it. Professionals can use it if they think they have enough time. You can use the chart for the conversion from feet to cm. The chart is another way of quick learning from one unit to another unit.
For the conversion from feet to cm is possible by the web tool. There are many web tools available but you can also use or You just go to site and type the “50 feet to cm” and press the enter button from keyboard. You will get a simple converter but it is very powerful. You will get many options under the converter. You can also use site for the conversion “50 feet to cm” and press the Enter button. If you want to use different types of converters, then you can search online for finding such web applications like,, etc. If you search more, then you will get many options.
If you do not have the internet and you cannot use the internet on the computer, then you can use the application on your smartphone. You can easily purchase a smartphone by $50 and download converter applications for the Android device from the Google play store. You can download free and paid application from iTunes and Google play store. You must enjoy using those applications. Because using those applications is very easy to use and convert from feet to cm. You can use any application from Height Converter feet-inch cm, Feet to Cm, Convert Everything FREE, Feet to Centimeters etc. However, if you have an advanced calculator, then you can convert with the calculator from feet to cm or you do some calculation.
You use that option from above what you find best for you. If you think that you can use web tool, then you do not try to use formula. Because using formula is harmful to you if your time is very precious. If you want to use applications on your smartphone, then I must appreciate you. Because you do not need to use the internet for running the application and most of the applications are free as well as easy to use. However, you can order industrial calculator and you can order such calculator from
If you need to study more on feet and cm, then you can browse different websites and Wikipedia. Because many websites are available which can take you too deeper but you should not read the deeper if you do not need to learn more or need to learn more. If you need to know only feet to cm conversion, then this article enough. I am sure that you have learned enough from this article.
However, many people do not know many things related to the feet and cm. I am sure that you do not need to visit any website or need to read any other books for learning related feet and cm. This article must be best suited for you and all of the students who are really eager to know information of fee and cm and conversion from feet to cm. There are many options what you can use for the conversion from feet to cm. I suggest you read everything from this article.

8.67 feet to cm
32.2 feet to cm
342 feet to cm
6330 feet to cm
0.64 cm to feet
17.6 cm to feet
531 cm to feet
280 cm to feet

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