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The Internet is now one of the most common and useful things. Many people use it now and most of them use intrenet for thir own need. No one can skip the demand of the internet but people are now aware of speed and volumn of the intrenet, Speed of the internet is a very important thing and you cannot ignore the demand of if. Similarly, internet volume is also important things. Now many people use broadband wired intrenet conection. So, they do not concern of the volumn but some people who are users of wireless internet conenction, they are very concer of the Volumn and speed. Because they have count huge amount every month for Wiresless internet volumn and speed. Wired broadband users are not very concered about these things.
Vomumn abd speeds of the internet are counted or measured by kb, mb, gb etc. Now kb is used less and gb is used high for volumb but for the intrenet speed measurement, mb is used most. In many modern countries, you may get intyernet speed as gb. Usually, this measuring unites are written as a capital letter as kb, mb, gb etc. Here we may use thse things in the small letter. Once people used the internet as kb speed which was very slow speed and if you compare that speed with now. Very soon you may get intrenet speed measuring gb. You can convert the intrenet speed kb to gb. 1 kb is equal to 1e-6 or 1/1000000. So, you realize how the terific speed of internet was. I think, you must not like to use such internet.
If you use the internet at kb speed, then you cannot use the internet. Because all of the websites use high volumn contents which will load at the high speed like mb. If you want to use such websites or laod those things with the lowest speed of internet, then never can use that website. Now if you want to use facebook or youtube with kb speed, then the page does not laod. You will be in trouble and cannot use any content of those sites. Now all of the websites are build based on high intrenet speed. So, you do not need to think about the kb speed intrenet. However, if youy want to know your intrente speed, then you can use web tool or similar type of websites. I am sure that your internet speed must not be less than mb.
Now many people cannot identify about the kb. The measurement kb means kilobit. The kb and KB are different things. These things are different things but not based on the capital and small letter. KB meas kilobyte and it is used for measure computer memory or storage capacity but kb is used for the intrenet capacity. Similarly, gb or Gb is used for the speed of the internet but GB is used for the volume or memory of the computer. Currently, 1 Gb is the fastest intrenet speed and this speed is common in many places of the USA and the UK. You may get this speed for the fiber internet. It is very difficulty to think 1 Gb intrenet speed for many undeveloped countries. Average intrenet speed in the UK is 14.3 mbps.
If you think about the capacity of the computer storage, then you will find it growing up. Now no one can think of the 1.44 mb floppy disk. Becase people use the pendrive 128 GB and 2 TB external HDD. Howeevr, if you want to transfer such volumne internet of 2TB from you HDD, then you need to use such speedy internet connection. Your kb internet speed is not enough. If you want to get the experience of 1 gb internet speed, you have to go to the USA. Now you can convert kb to gb speed.
Now many applications are available for the smartphone and tablet pc. Those applications need to update and some applications work with with the intrenet. If you connect your devcies with kb speed internet connection, then the applications may not work or it will be slower.You need to use mb speed internet if you want to run applications or smartphone swiftly. As it is not possible to use gb intrenet, you should use at least 2 mb internet speed internet for your smartphone or tablet pc. Now forget the kb to gb speed conversion. Because you do not need to use this converter.
Many people want to convert critical or high volum kb to gb, then they can use converter applications or use online tool for free. is a search engine which can be used for finding the measurement of kb to gb. You just type “235.8 kb = gb” without inverted commas, then you will get the speed as gb. However, the gb speed is 0.0002358 of 235.8 kb. There are different types of converter available for iOS and Android OS. You can download any application that you like.
Now lets talk about wireless interent. You can easily carry wireless internet conection from one palce to anotehr place and use the internet in those devices but you have to consider the speed and volume. You wil not much speedy wireless internet conenction and unlimited volumn. Wired internet conenction provide high speedy internet and you will get unmilited volumn. But if you use wireelss intrenet, then you have to pay more and you are charged based on the KB volume and speed. You must not get kb speed internet. Many users who use wireelss intrenet conection are very careful. Because they have to pay for kb volumn.
I suggest all users use wired intrenet conenction. So, users do not need to take any a headache. As wireed internet connection are not expensive and volumns are unlimited, then it is not necessary to of KB volumn and speed. You do not need to use a calculator to identify the speed from kb to gb. You will enjoy the internet conenction fast. You can try to use the higest internet speed very fast.
If you want to use wireless internet at a cheap rate and get high intrenet speed and use unlimited volumn, then you should use WI-Fi internet. Wi-Fi internet is the just conversion of the wired internet to wireless. This is why, you need to buy a router and with this devcie, you can easuily convert your wired intrenet conenction to wirelsss internet. Everything is easy and you need to use that devcie and make the devcie ready for wordking. You will get a manual with the devcie.

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