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The Internet is a popular thing and now many people use it because lower price and higher demand. The Internet is based on the volume and speed. You must not use low volume and less speed internet. Once people used 16 kb speed internet and very low volume by dial up the internet. Now many people use minimum internet speed 512 kb in various countries and in many developing countries the minimum internet is 1 Mb but in all modern countries, you will get internet minimum speed 5 Mb and in some places, the internet speed is 1 Gb. 1 Gb speed of the internet is unbelievable. No one can image the speed of the internet. We will learn here many things and volume and speed of the internet.
Now many people want to use wireless internet and they are not happy with the internet speed, volume, and price. They start to be careful about using the wireless internet. They always count mb to gb speed and capacity. They cannot use the internet properly. Some of them remain in a panic that when the volume of the internet will end and again they have to recharge. But if they used the wired internet connection and convert it to Wi-Fi, then they do not need to think much. Wi-Fi internet connection is very easy to setup and for this reason. You need to use a router which is also sold at less price.
We know that for the internet kb, Mb, Gb are a very important thing. If speed or volume goes down by the fault of ISP, then we get angry. Once people used the internet at kb speed and now in many places people use the internet at Mb speed. However, still we are not satisfied with it. We want to move mb to gb speed. We sure that very soon, we will get such speed on the internet because of our demand. However, Mb and Gb are not only used for the measuring the speed of the internet speed. These are also used for the volume of the internet capacity. Now 1 or 2 Gb internet volume for wireless internet but such volume is not enough. Many people want to increase the volume and speed keeping the price same.
Now you will find internet slow if the speed is 1 or 2 Mb. If you visit any website where video contents are available, then you cannot run very high quality video at the 1 or 2 Mb speed and you will think to improve or increase the volume and speed of the internet mb to gb. Because environment forces you to increase the volume and speed. If you use internet of kb speed, then the webpage does not load at that speed and once you will face similar thing with the speed of Mb. Then you have to move your internet speed from mb to gb. In developed countries, the price of the internet with high speed is also high. You have counted $100 for using 4 Mb speed of wireless internet connection.
Many non IT people have no idea about the Mb and Gb. MB means megabyte and Mb mean Megabit. Similarly, GB means gigabyte and Gb mean Gigabit. As 1 byte = 8 bit. So, if you want to download 1 MB file in a second, then you need to use 8 Megabits internet speed connection and If you want to download 1 GB file in a single second, then you need to use 8 Gigabit internet speed. GB and MB are used for the storage measuring and Mb and Gb are used for the speed. 1 Gb is equal to 1000 Mb per second for speed and storage. So, 1 Mb = .0001 Gb and 1 MB = 0.001 GB. However, many people do not understand the difference between capital and small letter for the case of Internet speed and storage. So, they use Gb and Mb always. This is why, in this article Mb and Gb are written as a small letter for speed.
Mb and Gb are are used for the speed and this speed is not for the internet speed. This speed is also noted for the speed of the transfer rate of the hard disk, sound, and video graphics card’s speed. You also get the speed in the processor and ram. However, when you go to buying a device, you should ask for the speed in Gigabits or Megabits and ask storage capacity in Gigabytes or Megabit. If you need convert mb to gb or anything from speed or speed, then you can do this. However, you can use site for checking the connection of internet speed. If you buy an iPhone, then you need to know the storage of the device. Because you cannot expand the storage of the iPhone device. You should confirm that what you need to buy 16 GB, 32 GB or more storage. You cannot increase speed (Gb or Mb) of any phone. You can easily increase the speed and storage of your computer. You can expand the Ram, HDD and change many things in the computer and make the computer running. You must not buy any device which perform slow and which has less capacity. That is why, before buying the device, you must study online and know the specification of the device.
In many places of USA, you may get 1 Gb internet speed but it is rare. 1 GB internet is not a common thing in USA, UK, and other countries. Internet users from different developing countries cannot image the speed. Such 1 Gb internet is possible via fiber optics but not via a wireless connection. In the UK, the average speed is 14.3 mbps. You may request the company or the ISP to increase the volume and they can do this but if you request to increase the speed, then they cannot do this. Because they have no power to increase the speed. It is a limitation of the technology. Even out of USA in the country, you cannot speed up to mb to gb. You should know first where you are and what is the maximum speed and capacity from the ISP.
If you want to convert mb to gb for the speed or capacity/volume, then you should use a converter. There are various types of converter available online. You can use any such converter. If you want to use Google and Yahoo search engine and convert instant, then type the number of the mb and add with gb like “1143 Mb to Gb” or “1143 MB to GB”. Remember the small and capital letters. You can use applications which are available in the apps store for iOS and Android. Many such applications are free and paid. You can use any type of application what you like.
I think that you know that what things you need to know when you buy a device and use the internet. You have learned many things from this article in a short period.

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